NextGen EHR PACE Template Set

Incerio is very proud to announce that they have completed development for a very thorough and detailed  PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) template set for the NextGen EHR environment based on NextGen’s 8.xx environment.  Its been an absolute pleasure working the the Los Angeles PACE team. They put in a lot of long hours to provide us detailed instructions and mocks up for us to base our development on.  Every week as we met with the team and we worked through the different fixes that needed to be fixed, I am very proud of my team, especially for Diana Adams and her awesome effort to meet the demands of this project.

To find out more about NextGen, check this link:

The Compliance Clock is Ticking – Where is Your EHR Solution?

If you haven’t heard, the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010 promises to transform healthcare costs and services in America.  Towards those goals, it has issued a slew of regulatory mandates with implementation deadlines looming over the next few years.  Central to its strategy of making healthcare execution more efficient are the development of electronic health record (EHR) technologies, which will eliminate costly manually processing of paper-based transactions, and the establishment of data communication standards, which can enable seamless information transfers across all the healthcare networks – from providers to insurers to suppliers and payment processors – while ensuring personal privacy.

NextGen Mobile on the iPad

Over the past year I have been really interested in mobile technology. We have all seen how it changes our daily lives.  It’s an awesome technology that will continue to evolve and get better and better. Because I work strictly in the healthcare industry as do most of you, I have been following NextGen Healthcare…

Three Basics in Template Development, Easily Overlooked

1. Conventional Naming Scheme

Creating a uniform naming scheme for your customized templates is a near must in NextGen. There are thousands of templates and documents within the NextGen environment, and hunting through them can be a tedious task. Using a prefix, such as INC_Xxxx will allow quick reference to all of your specific templates. This not only helps while looking for templates in the NextGen application, but in the Template and Document Editor as well. Additionally, if developing new fields or triggers in NextGen’s Template Editor, or even the Document Builder, being able to quickly target the desired template is a great time saver.  I’ve touched on this before in my Getting to Know the Template Editor tutorial series but naming the elements you use on your templates can also help a lot.  For example, all our team members when creating new fields use this format: