Our team has completed a fully customized NextGen EHR template set for the CPSP (Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program) for a large multi-specialty group in Los Angeles.  We have been working closely with the CPSP department  in understanding their workflow and expectation for this major customization build.  Back in 2011, our team completed the first phase of these templates that were based on the NextGen KBM 7.9 version.  At the end of  2013, we were asked to upgrade this template set to the latest NextGen EHR KBM 8.xxx template standards and add new features based on the teams request.  The CPSP template is integrates smoothly into the current NextGen OBGYN templates and vise versa.  Many of the CPSP templates are built to record the patients initial, second trimester, and third trimester visits with the data being copied forward each visit.

The CPSP template set has been built with 16 medical record templates templates such as Family Planning Counseling, Group Class Visit, Individual Care Plan, Master Template, PFFQ (PERINATAL FOOD FREQUENCY QUESTIONNAIRE), Postpartum, and Prenatal.  We also integrated the use of System Templates in order for the users to quickly and easily maintain the list of referral sources, instead of having to call us up to make those changes.

If your CPSP Program is using the NextGen  EHR system and are interested in learning more on how these CPSP templates are built and how the follow the CPSP protocols, please contact us today to find out more.

We appriciate the opportunity that we have been given to work with the CPSP team in LA.  Thanks for all your help!

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CPSP Preview

Preview of the CPSP Template Build – NextGen KBM 8.xxx

New CPSP Visit types added to have tabs show specific CPSP templates to navigate to.

Set of specific CPSP templates created  which include a Master Template, Orientation, Prenatal, PPCA, ICP, PFFQ, Hosp Visit, and Group Class Visit.

CPSP Prenatal Questionnaire Template

  • Main template holds the patient assessment and pregnancy information
  • Then clicking on the assessment/reassessment tool will start a set of 11 popups that hold the 107 questions.

First CPSP popup that start with question 1.  It also has the questions that are re-asked for 2nd assessment/trimester and 3rd.  They are greyed out based on the assessment radio button selected from main template.  If you had selected 2nd then 0-13 wks would be greyed out and 14-27 weeks normal.

Then clicking next will take you to the next template until you are done with all 107 questions.

The ICP is where all questions answered as abnormal that need further attention are concatenated to in a grid format.  If you go back and change an answer to normal or change anything about the abnormal answer it will update that record in the grid.  It is pregnancy filtered so if on pregnancy #2 you will only see questions for that pregnancy, nothing from #1.

You can then click into each record and fill out additional data based on what you addressed for that problem.

Disclaimer:  This custom template build was build by Incerio and we are able to work with you in purchasing these templates.  If you are interested in learning more about these templates, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and put you in contact with the Los Angeles CPSP department that we worked with.