Are you looking at your options on how to convert your medical record data so that it can be found and used in the NextGen application?  As a CIO, we know that you have a lot of options but we hope that you will consider working with Incerio’s database experts.  Our team works with the NextGen database on a daily basis and we know the database structure in and out.

Incerio can help your practice to convert old patient data into your new electronic medical system. Our database experts will meticulously convert your current data into your new system with care and precision. Our team is made up of industry experts who have vast experience with some of the largest EMR systems out on the market such as NextGen Healthcare, EPIC, Allscripts, and GE Centricity. Trust Incerio’s industry knowledge and expertise to make your new implementation a seamless transition.

In order to insure a successful data mapping between two systems we need:

  1. First and foremost, do we have access to your old systems database? We will need to login to the database and be able to browse the database tables and understand the relationships and structures before we can proceed.
  2. What data do you want?  From our experience, most of our client start with demographics and insurance. It’s typically the easiest data to map to the NextGen database.  From there the more data you want, the more trickier it gets.   Allergies and Medications are usually the next quickest data to map, followed by some Family History and Social History.

We understand how a accurate data conversion project can impact the productivity of your group.

Contact us today to discuss your group needs and we will provide you all the options for a successful EHR/EPM data conversion.

Does your practice need to upgrade to the latest NextGen KBM, but the majority of your electronic charts are already customized? You don’t have to let that delay any of your progression or implementation of current NextGen templates. Speak to an Incerio project manager and find out how we can help you keep all of your prior customization.

Most Common Request

Demographics 95%
Insurance 90%
Allergies 70%
Medications 65%
Social History 55%

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