NextGen Support

Sometimes you need more man-power, a different set of expertise, or a few extra people on your team.  When you have clients that need NextGen EPM or EHR services, or if your support firm needs some extra man-power to get the job done by a deadline, Incerio can help by providing you and your client with flawless white-label service and support, ensuring your clients get the attention and priority they expect from you, while doing things your way and following your firm’s protocol.

Incerio has been providing IT firms, recruiters, and other companies that work with and support NextGen users with superior third-party partnership service for many years, forming beneficial lasting working relationships.  Whether you want Incerio to be an open part of the process, or an invisible white-label partner, Incerio staff leaders will consult with you to find out exactly what your NextGen project needs are, then assemble a team that will be an exact match to the needs of your specific project.

The majority of our fulfillment partnerships are from NextGen support or consulting firms that needs help during high volume work periods where they need an extra developer or two to help them with their KBM customization.  We are always happy to help.

We understand that what matters for you isn’t just who does the work, but that the work gets done right, that your company makes a profit, and that the service and final product keeps valuable clients happy and returning to you for their IT and EHR needs.