With the ICD-10 conversion Oct 2014 deadline looming, you may find your practice needing some help with the final details, or even with getting started. Incerio’s team can be with you through the process as your leader, your guide, or your assistant; whatever fits your needs.

With our consultant/support team, we can help by:

  • Providing an expert Project Manager to coordinate all of the moving pieces of your conversion smoothly and competently.
  • Providing a GAP analysis, looking at how the ICD-coding affects all areas of your practice, as well as teaming with you to create an action plan of which areas need attention.
  • Helping you prioritize physician engagement. Without the physician buy-in and deep investment by each and every one of them, your practice’s clinical documentation will fall by the wayside. Physician understanding of ICD-10 codes and how they affect documentation will be a key component to success, and our team can help devise an action plan to get your physicians all-in.
  • Checking for missing budgeting areas that your practice may need to include. Budgeting for IC-10 needs to include training needs, IT upgrades, system customization costs, developer and consultant needs, and audit costs.
  • Developing a specific execution project plan and timeline. With the deadline so close, a specific action plan is key to success.