Do you have a product you’d like to integrate with NextGen? Our team can work to make your software and other products work and communicate with NextGen to make the lives of your clients and our clients simpler and more efficient. Why constantly switch between systems and risk communication getting lost in the shuffle?  Let Incerio help you bridge the gap.

About the NextGen Interface process:

NextGen requires the use of either Rosetta or Mirth for full integration with third-party software to work within the NextGen system. Our team can help you understand both interface engines, the costs involved, and the benefits and drawbacks to each interface engine, so that you can make the choice that’s right for your product.

Discovery  Phase is the initial meeting/phone call, where you discuss your idea with our team of experts, and receive feedback from the team as to what needs to be done, and what we would need from you to make your idea a reality.  If you have a defined project scope for us to look over, great – if not, we can help you create it.  This is a essential part of any project –  we need to make sure that all parties are on the same page before we start.

Ready to start this phase?  Contact Incerio’s team now to set up an appointment and we can get Discovery phase moving, working around your schedule.

The Planning Phase is where we agree upon the interface milestones that will be worked towards throughout the process, and where we use those milestones to set a detailed, easy to understand budget for the project that fits your needs.  We will need to also look at all our options for interfacing with NextGen.  Have you look into Rosetta, and Mirth as the interface engine?  Our team will work with you to understand the time requirements involved in the interface project, and to understand any budget restrictions or constraints that you may be under, creating a final plan that leaves you feeling confident in our team’s ability and integrity to handle your project.

The Development Phase is where the hard work begins.  Incerio’s team will keep in touch with you and your staff every step of the way so that communication remains clear, and surprises are avoided on both sides. We will listen to your concerns,  and changing needs along the way, making responsiveness a priority throughout the process.

No software development process is complete without a thorough testing phase. In order for a testing phase to give your practice the most useful and relevant information, starting early and stepping back to look at the big picture is key.  The success of each development project depends on a thorough consideration of each part of the process, such as how you will utilize user feedback to implement responsive adjustments, what tools will be required, what timelines will be used to ensure a smooth and gradual transition, and assessing whether or not the changes and process implemented are both purposeful, and as effective as they can be. Incerio’s team makes the testing phase top priority, knowing that without this vital phase, much time is wasted and many mistakes can be made, resulting in wasted time. Our focus during this phase is to maximize efficiency throughout your project, and to avoid time-wasting errors and repetition.

Contact us today with whatever your interfacing needs may be, and we can help you decide if Incerio’s team of experts is what you need to get the job done.

Incerio’s team has experience with many different kinds of NextGen interfacing, including Active Directory, private messaging systems or other secure instant communication elements, appointment reminders,  patient portals, and more.

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