Are you ready to meet your ICD-10 and Meaningful Use goals?  If so, you will need to upgrade your Practice Management to NextGen 5.8 and KBM 8.3 to be ready for ICD-10 and Meaningful Use (MU) through Stage 2.  This upgrade is NextGen’s “best and highest quality release ever”. Let us help you prepare and upgrade your office to this new and well anticipated upgrade.



Important steps Incerio will follow during an NextGen upgrade.

  • Hardware and System Analysis

    Our Information Technology partners will work closely with you and make sure that you are running the recommended hardware and software prior to upgrading your application. This phase will include looking to your network security, server state, work stations, etc.

  • System and KBM Gap Analysis

    This two part step will allow everyone involved understand how your group uses your NextGen system. Our staff will preform an EPM and an EHR gap analysis so that we understand your offices work flow and operations. This will also help to better tailor the upgrade project plan to minimize productivity loss. The gap analysis will also help our group in preparing training material and lesson plans that will be unique to your group’s needs. It’s important that you have your office’s work flow carefully documented so that in the upgraded environment we can have it tested by multiple teams to make sure that all bugs are worked out.

    The gap analysis will also tell us what components of the NextGen system you are using or not, such as the Background Business Processor, Real Time Transaction Server, Contract Utility, and any interfaces with third parties, etc.

  • Template and Document Customization

    This is where our team will go through a discovery phase and we look at what KBM templates or custom templates that you have developed, including any document chart notes that you may have customized. These custom templates and documents should NOT be copied over to your upgraded system. They will either need to be left alone or recreated in your upgraded system.

  • Testing, testing, testing

    Our team will develop EPM and EHR test scenarios and scripts based off of real-life transactions, to help us find any work flow issues and we will use this time to also start training your staff on the upgraded application.

  • Training

    This is a great time to get your Champion Physicians and trainers up to speed with the latest changes. We will train your trainers based on the gap analysis we preformed prior to the upgrade. Training your trainers will help use correct things that your staff have been doing wrong, and show them what has been missed or forgotten. This is a great time for your Champion Physicians and trainers to get your office excited about the upgrade, they can let them know of all these great changes and how it will improve their lives.

Some of the tools that you will need to be aware of in order to help you with your application upgrade are:

  • KBM Template Compare Utility

    This is an important part of any KBM upgrade. If you group hasn’t kept detail track of all the customizations done to your system, this tool will become very important. The NextGen KBM Template Compare Utility will allow us to compare the differences between your current templates and the upgraded templates. We will also compare two databases on the same server and provide a details report including templates, triggers, and fields differences.

    If you group doesn’t have a method of tracking your customization, here is a simple excel spread sheet for you to use.

  • KBM Document Compare Utility

    Similar to the Template Compare Utility but this NextGen application allows users to compare, test and identify the differences in documents from one KBM version to another.  This tool is great at identifying your customizations you have done to your chart notes.

Make a copy of your Production environment and database and move it to your NGTest server.

Install the upgrade on NGDemo and use that environment to compare to the functionality of NGTest.