A dedicated project manager can take the pressure and chaos of project coordination and system upgrades/implementation out of your hands.  Incerio can provide you with a project manager that is specifically matched to your practice’s needs and project goals.

Project types for Project Managers

Incerio Project Manager Duties

  • Assist in identifying past KBM template customization
  • Help determine what needs to be moved to upgraded system
  • Coordinate user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure the system is working properly and that all customization has been successfully moved over to the upgraded KBM
  • Set up champion users/staff
  • Keep projects on track
  • Work with clinic to determine priorities, key dates, and milestones
  • Ensure complete and working backups are completed and stored
  • Coordinate Project Closure and Post Support
  • Act as point of communication to ensure accountability and accuracy
  • Act as single point of contact to simplify client-relation and communication
  • Create reports, proposals, and status updates
  • First-level of support for identifying problems and finding solutions