All NextGen users that want to maximize the potential of their EHR templates and enhance their workflow.

EHR Chart Note (Template) Customization and Development

Incerio can build, customize, and edit your EHR documents, putting key information at the fingertips of those who need it most.

More Detail

With our team of experts, your practice is not limited by pre-made templates. Incerio specializes in modifying all existing NextGen® KBM templates with seamless efficiency. However, Incerio can help you take it one step further. NextGen®’s pre-made templates are only the beginning of what NextGen® Electronic Health Record system can offer your medical practice. Having the ability to customize and create new templates makes your NextGen® Electronic Health Record (EHR) environment a source of limitless possibility, and truly puts the control in users’ hands. Incerio not only specializes in modifying existing templates, but also specializes in creating custom templates to fit the need of any practice, even if your specific practice or field has no current pre-made templates currently available.