With teams made up of experts in the medical industry, web design and in search engine optimization, our team is equipped to strengthen your internet presence through skilled content placement and a keen understanding of your target market.
When new clients are searching for a healthcare provider, most turn to search engines to find a provider that works for them.  Research shows that most content past the first page of search engines aren’t seen by potential clients. That makes your internet presence and website placement key in attracting new clients to your practice.
Incerio’s experience in the healthcare industry gives us an edge over other internet marketing firms to most effectively and efficiently create a search engine optimization plan to fit your online marketing goals.

 Importnce of SEO for Online Businesses in the Medical Industry


SEO implies website Search Engine Optimization. It refers to making your online business easily found by search engines, in appropriate searches carried out online by potential customers. There are more than 330 million searches on the internet daily, and this number is increasing. Thus, SEO is currently a very essential tool if you wish to build a strong reputation for your online business.

Why is SEO important for any business with an online presence?

We all know that advertising and marketing a business is very important. Internet usage is also continually growing at an amazing rate. For this reason more people are finding a business through an online search. Thus, without search engines’ ranking your products or services, your site is difficult to find. For people to easily find your site online, and hence increase customers and traffic to your site, you have to invest in professional search engine optimization.

You may have one of the best websites on the internet- with classic graphics, and sell high quality products at a very attractive price, but all these will amount to nothing if you do not have visitors to your site. So, your first objective for successful online business marketing should be to get many visitors arrives at your site so that they can see the amazing products that you offer. From there other factors, such as your competitor price, will come to play possibly influencing some of them to buy your products

Nowadays, when people need information on virtually anything, they search for the same on their favorite search engines, such as Yahoo, Google or Bing. The search engine is therefore the component driving the wheel for potential clients to reach your online business. As such, with properly done on page and off page SEO, you will increase your online business presence in the result pages of search engines. Besides, correctly done Search Engine Optimization send targeted traffic to the information offered on your website, helping brand your website as a consultant in your niche.

Reasons you need to seriously invest in SEO

The techniques still work

The techniques put in place to improve SEO actually work. Even after data concerning traffic from Google was eliminated quite recently, the techniques remain effective. In fact several SEO case studies carried out verified this fact.

SEO will not cease working soon.

Considering the way search engines develop, it is unlikely that SEO will stop working in the near future. For instance, latest audio and video searches still depend on keywords, just like traditional text content. The link guarantees continued success of Search Engine techniques for as long as the link exists.

SEO is cost-effective

SEO provide good ROI much better than other forms of online marketing, for instance, social media marketing, and PPC marketing and purchasing leads for a certain email marketing program. While each may have unique suitability, none of them can effectively replace organic SEO.  As yourself –  what is a new patient/client worth to your business for their first visit, for a year, for the rest of that patients life and possible their family?


To take your online business to the next level, you have to invest in organic SEO. Your business definitely needs to have effective SEO strategy in place for you to reap heavily from online marketing. It has remained, and will always remain, one of the most important mechanisms of any business’ online presence.