EHR Customization

Customize existing or create original content, we will provide you with the best service and expertise in order to make your EHR system work for you.

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System Upgrades

Our expert project managers and Certified NextGen Professionals will work with your team to ensure seamless upgrades.

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ICD-10 is just around the corner.  Allow our team of experts to take on your implementation challenge transition, and leave the details to us.

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Fulfillment Partnerships

Have clients that need EHR work that your firm doesn’t have time or resources to complete? We can provide your group with flawless “white label” service that you can be proud to present to your clientele.

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Software Integration

We specialize in bridging the gap between companies’ existing software and the NextGen application, ensuring smooth go-between and communication.

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NextGen EHR Template Customization

Maximizing the potential of your EHR system.

NextGen EHR Support and Customization

Whether your practice needs someone to take charge of your latest KBM upgrade, EHR training for your staff, or NextGen customization, Incerio is here to make the process simple and seamless. Incerio is a team of software developers and consultants that will make your NextGen® application work for you by modifying existing EHR templates, or creating completely new templates that are customized to your specific medical practice. In addition, Incerio builds, customizes, and edits your EHR chart notes, putting key information at the fingertips of those who need it most.

Clients & Testimonials

9 Years and growing!

  • I worked with Jason and his team on multiple integration projects while I was at Intuit Health. Jason and his team provide great service and strive to deeply understand the customers’ needs in order to build a delightful solution. Furthermore, the depth of domain knowledge that Jason and his team possesses is unparalleled. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jason again.

    08 – Matt J.
    Project Manager
  • We have used Incerio for a number of projects from NextGen upgrade retrofits, training of our developers, to quick data conversion scripts. Results have been good and response has been excellent.

    07 – Shelley B.
    Vice President Medical Records Systems
  • As template builders, Incerio’s best quality is that they are very responsive.  They consistently reply in a timely manner and always understand exactly what needs to be accomplished. Incerio’s team is easy to converse with and adequately communicates the status of each project as they recognize the value of prompt customization.  Incerio and their team are not only capable, but also willing to devote the necessary time to determine the best solution for our medical practice.

    01 – Tom W.
    Practice Administrator
  • Incerio and their staff were very knowledgeable about the product we needed assistance with.  Excellent value, their staff were very accommodating and professional. We would definitely use their services again in the future!

    02 – Amy C.
    Billing Manager
  • Incerio is good at providing the right person to carry out functions required by an organization.  They are very understanding and strive to meet the client’s needs and deadlines.  Their staff are also excellent trainers, very patient and knowledgeable.  I enjoy working with Incerio and their team.

    03 – Gwen B.
    happy client
  • Hired Incerio to assist with template development for NextGen EHR for an upgrade. Jason and his team turned around the development on schedule with high quality work. Attention to detail and knowledgeable staff produced great results.

    04 – Jill Hemmen
    Team Lead - Implementation and Consulting
  • I was only able to select 3 attributes, but wanted to select a lot more. Incerio is a great NextGen template developing company. Their work is amazing, both very creative and professional. Besides providing great template development results, they also provide any database help that might be required (creating Stored Procedures and database triggers). All in all, this company is a great company, very beneficial, and a highly recommendable company for any NextGen clients.

    05 – Gabriel G
    Clinical Informatics Supervisor
  • Incerio and their team have been excellent to work with. They have been integral in the development of custom templates for our NextGen EMR system. I have used their services for dozens of templates over several months and am very happy with the services that were provided. Jason is easy to work with, knowing that he is honest and looking out for the best for his clients.

    06 – Kyle G
    Practicing Provider
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Featured Skills and Services

Best & Most Popular of Our Services

Incerio has been an industry leader in NextGen support over the past several years.  Our unique understanding and complex knowledge of the database structure and workings of the individual systems allows us to effectively maximize your office’s workflow so that you can get the most out of your NextGen environment, no matter what the unique needs of your practice may be.

Our Skills & Services

Who We Are & What We Do

Years of Experience

Incerio continues to be industry leading experts with the NextGen system.

small-for-tabs01With our team of experts, your practice is not limited by pre-made templates. Incerio specializes in modifying all existing NextGen® KBM templates with seamless efficiency. However, Incerio can help you take it one step further. NextGen®’s pre-made templates are only the beginning of what NextGen® Electronic Health Record system can offer your medical practice. Having the ability to customize and create new templates makes your NextGen® Electronic Health Record (EHR) environment a source of limitless possibility, and truly puts the control in users’ hands. Incerio not only specializes in modifying existing templates, but also specializes in creating custom templates to fit the need of any practice, even if your specific practice or field has no current pre-made templates currently available.

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small-for-tabs02A dedicated project manager can take the pressure and chaos of project coordination and system upgrades/implementation out of your hands.  Incerio can provide you with a project manager that is specifically matched to your practice’s needs and project goals.

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